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The attention to the environmental impact is an important value that follows all the choices of De Rigo Refrigeration and that involves the entire production cycle. To confirm the focus on efficiency and energy savings, significant corporate investments has been made, once again highlighting the active role of the company towards eco-sustainability.


De Rigo Refrigeration boasts a long tradition, always putting at the top of its activities the value of its product: a perfect balance between a company with historical tradition and a product which is strong and robust by definition.
The product is conceived and designed with the purpose of solidity and durability over time: a very solid product which respects, within each sales area, the standards dictated by visual merchandising and ergonomics.
A perfect balance between the maximum solidity of the product and the excellent expression of the visual merchandising.


De Rigo Refrigeration boasts the location of its production plants in Italy, consolidating its position as a global oriented Company, at the same time finding its strength and values in the territory and in the Italian industrial culture.
The entire production process, from design to production and delivery of the finished product, is based on the research of quality, believing that it is the quality to be recognized and appreciated by the customer.
Over the past few years, the Management has approved important investments in automation and industrialization, using Italian skills and suppliers.


De Rigo Refrigeration becomes a partner that follows each customer’s choice and is able to do it at every stage, from the assessment of the quotation and the management of the order, to the delivery and to installation of the finished product.
For De Rigo Refrigeration flexibility means being able to follow the customers, to understand its needs and propose innovative solutions. The sales network, with worldwide coverage, guarantees high levels of efficiency and quality of pre and post sales services. 


De Rigo Refrigeration product is characterized by a very simple and essential design, and by a deep research of a personalized style, expression of the choices of the customer. A design essentially Italian: De Rigo Refrigeration signs the quality of its range of product with the excellence of a product which is not only realized, but designed and engineered in Italy.
Thanks to simple design, the products will perfectly integrate in any sales area, respecting every specific need, and at the same time respects the standards of ergonomics, becoming the maximum expression of the visual merchandising within each display area.


De Rigo Refrigeration believes in the creativity as an important value that enriches the corporate activity through constant attention to the needs of the customer. The knowledge of the market and the design skills, allows the Company to become a proactive partner, that not only follows all the choices of the customer, but who is also able to anticipate his needs.
Creativity means passion: the study of specific solutions, design, tailor made products, the choice of innovative and qualitative materials: these are all elements that contribute to the creation of De Rigo Refrigeration added value.







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